Super pot
Super pot
Super pot
Super pot

Super pot

Highly efficient, saving time and energy. It reduces emissions and fuel use to a great extent, due to the increase in heat transfer accomplished by the larger skirt surface area of double-walled design.
Significantly safer. The skirt of super pot protrudes below the stovetop, so firmly seated in place and cannot slide off stove burning children or cook when stirred.
Elegant, durable and easy to move and clean. Stainless steel body, high-temperature resistant plastic handles.
Wider application. Not only our rocket stove but also be used in the gas stove range.


Material: stainless steel

Size: 38cm*27.5cm*28cm, inside Ø 24 x (H) 15 cm

Volume: 7 Liters

Weight: 1.8kg

How it works

This super pot has a full skirt that protrudes below the bottom of the stove top and forces flames to lick the vertical walls of the pot in addition to the bottom, so the super pot is capable of capturing additional heat, compared to a traditional pot which heat transfer is lost after hitting the bottom of the pot and deflected into the atmosphere.

Data about the super pot

It reduces the time of boil with 5 liters of water (International Water boiling Test) with 4 twigs from 22 minutes, down to 15 minutes.

It can make boiling water up to 50% faster than a regular pot