Ten Years with the Clean Cooking Alliance

The Clean cooking Alliance is the world’s most concentrating on energy-saving stoves. SSM has participated in many world-class conferences and forums in the past ten years.



2013 Global Clean Cookstove Forum in Cambodia                2014 Global Clean CookstoveMeeting


                                             Ghana’s exhibition in 2015                               2016 China-US clean stove international forum                                                 


2017 Global Clean Cookstove Forum                    2018 shell moving future innovative energy summit


2019 Global Clean Cookstove Forum in Kenya

At the Global Clean Cookstove forum, our company made the first speech on behalf of Chinese stove companies, demonstrating SSM's high-efficiency, energy-saving clean stove to friends all over the world. In future actions, China will also participate in the activities of the Clean Stove Alliance, which means that my country will work with the world to solve major health and environmental problems caused by the use of open flames and unclean stoves for cooking, and jointly respond to global climate change.