Along the way, "partners and friends"

 In 2007, our company (formerly Shengzhou Stove Factory, SSM) met with “Aprovecho”, an American research center. Through conversations, we were pleasantly surprised to find that many ideas on cleaning stoves coincided with each other and became a long-term partner. 




 in cooperation with the


 Aprovecho Research Center


 from the United States developed a


 new biomass wood stove model that won the 2009 Ashden


 International Renewable Energy Award "Global Energy Champion"


 presented by Britain's Prince Charles.



 Compared with other common stoves, the woodstove S26-18 which developed by A.R.C and SSM together can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3 tons per year, fuel use by 50%, and carbon monoxide and smoke emissions by 70%.



The "Ashden Renewable Energy Award" was established in 2001 by the Ashden Trust Company headquartered in the United Kingdom. It aims to encourage countries around the world to develop renewable energy and recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to the use of renewable energy.

 Ms. Sloth, the founder and chairman of the Ashden Award, said: "These stoves have created tremendous social and environmental benefits and left a deep impression on the judges.”


 SSM and Aprovecho Research Center, have always maintained a good cooperative relationship to jointly develop a new generation of clean stoves. The exploration and research of stoves has been the pursuit of both of us. Relying on the advantages of local stove materials and years of accumulated manufacturing experience, we constantly try new recipes and new structures of stove cores to reduce costs and improve thermal efficiency and durability. We will continue to adhere to our own environmental protection concepts, expand the scope of research, and contribute to global environmental protection and climate change.